Raya Zion — Vocalist
Born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Raya has been singing since she was born. Her first professional performance was at the age of six at her older sister’s wedding. For the past 30 years, Raya has performed in college, as well as, religious choirs. It was when Raya first saw Tina Turner that she decided to be a rock and blues queen. Although she doesn’t do as many costume changes as Ms. Turner, Raya’s passion and deep emotions for the blues makes her performances worth watching. Raya’s life motto is “you gotta pay your dues if you want to sing the blues” or “Don’t Do The Crime If You Can’t Pay The Time.”

Dan Bickel — Bass 
Danny J. has been holding down the low end for twenty eight years and has worked with numerous local musicians including “Susan James and Thrilltrain”, “The Andre DeVito Band” and cover bands “Flipside”, “Native Tongue”, and “Tin Roof Rusted”.

Dave Christian — Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer
Born in Charleston, West Virginia. Dave started playing guitar at the early age of 10. His playing style covers all the bases from classic Rock, through Funk and Jazz. He played in several bands while a member of the US Air Force, including the band “Raven Rock”, and a tour of Germany, as a member of the rock group “Matrix”. His skills as producer/recording engineer have graced many Bay area Gospel, R&B, and Rap music projects, including, The Triumph Family, Rev. Fleetwood Irving (Stellar Award Nominee), rapper, Chunk, C-Funk, Tenda Tee, Mowtown artist Colin England, and Two Live Crew’s “Mr. Mixx”. Also as a dance music producer, he has produced tracks for Mixx-It, Nu Gruv, and Turbo Beat records. His own label, Rezin8 Records, has produced several House/Dance tracks that have filled the dance floors in clubs around the world.

Sam Herzberg — Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Born in San Francisco California. Sam has been playing drums and percussion for the past 28 years. In the mid-1980’s he toured California and England with his band Mrs. Green in support of their album on the Bezerkley label opening for bands such as Brian Setzer, the Knack, Camper Van Beethoven, and the Chills. Subsequent bands he has played with include Groovy Lion, Moonlight Hoodoo Revue, The Haz Cats, ShiriYa, KlezAm, and The Slyway Project.

Marty Izenson — Saxophone
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Marty has been playing sax/clarinet/flute for over 30 years. Marty has evolved towards the Blues and Jazz; with a bit of Rock and Roll added in for spice. Recent bands include: DT & The Shakers (opening for Tower Of Power), and StationWagon, as well as a variety of jazz and concert bands.

Ravi Sahae — Trombone
A native of San Mateo County, Ravi Sahae began playing trombone at age 9, and has studied music with a host of great Bay Area musicians including Art McGaw, Dick Leland, Fred Berry, Dick Mathias, Tim Acosta, McDowell Kenley, Mitchell Sardou Klein, Carl Christensen, Rob Klevan, Mike Galisatus, and Leo Eylar. At UCLA, Ravi studied trombone with legendary studio trombonist Bill Booth. Ravi’s musical adventures over the years have included playing with the Monterey Jazz Festival All-Star Big Band in Japan and on the main festival stage, and even marching in the Chinese New Years Parade in Hong Kong. Currently, in addition to playing with the Tribal Blues Band, Ravi is also co-principal trombone with the Symphony Parnassus. As a trombonist and a lawyer, Ravi is well aware that everyone loves him.

Jim Williams — Hammond B3
Born in Oklahoma, Jim has been playing the piano and organ since the age of seven. A multi-instrumentalist, Jim also plays the guitar, bass and drums. As a Hammond B3 player, Jim has performed with Tower of Power, Coldplay, Leon Russell, and many more bands too numerous to mention. The stage has been Jim’s school and he has a Ph.D. in Rock and Roll.